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These days, it may seem as if the entire world is a Twitter. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube - sometimes, it feels like there’s a new social media website popping up every day! What’s a time-crunched business owner to do? How are you supposed to understand not only what networks your business belongs in, but how to use those best?
One thing is for sure - there’s money to be made and business to be won through social media.
And beyond simple dollars and cents, social media can offer some of the cheapest and best sources of competitive and market intelligence this side of a focus group. The days are ending where a company could simply set up a MySpace or Facebook page, and expect to see any results. Now, smart companies must focus on intelligent social media strategies and proficient execution to get ahead.

When deciding to enter the social sphere, a company must ask itself - what aims do I want to accomplish with social media? If you desire to:

> Increased website traffic
> Increase backlinks
> Practice smart transparency
> Improved public standing
> Built better customer relationships
> Listen to what others are saying about you
> Get instant feedback about products or services
> Tap into new markets
> Develop memorable socially driven marketing campaigns
> Improve customer engagement
> Increase brand awareness

Social media is for you. At eSource Technology, we’re well versed in developing custom marketing solutions for small and medium sized business that utilize a healthy mix of Internet marketing channels.

We’re pleased to announce that we are now providing focused strategic social media marketing plans for your organization. Our services come in variant packages, which can be customized and augmented with additional Internet marketing & search engine optimization services as you see fit.

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