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Social media is a robust marketing tool which is used to spread your message among target groups effectively and efficiently. The scope of using social networking websites like Facebook has given a new ray of hope to target the market successfully.
We at eSource Technology offer you with powerful social media strategies to give boost to your traffic by promoting your brand online among target group. The social platforms like Facebook aid you grow leads and sales with maximize ROI for your business!

Facebook Advertising Services

Our Facebook Advertising Proficiency have designed social media services to identify the keys areas and tactics which can best serve the purpose of increasing brand awareness among users. Facebook marketing professionals will help your business in the following ways:

Our Facebook Marketing Strategy Advantages:
> Create awareness about your products and service.
> Identify the specific requirements of the target group.
> Promote your upcoming business events.
> Regular blog postings on your personalized communities.
> Special emphasis on specific target groups.
> Higher lead generation for your business.
> Increased link building with other sites.

Facebook Marketing & Advertising Consultant

Facebook has an excellent audience reach in which more than one billion active users are there on Facebook who is logging into the platform many times daily. Advertising on the Facebook platform helps you to reach a massive audience and can reach the targeted audience demographics. The Facebook platform was provided the best ecosystem for advertisers on its platform with different types of ad formats and various creator tools for the advertisers online. According to the recent survey reports, it was revealed that more than 62 percent of marketers and advertisers are choosing the Facebook platform to reach the audience across the platform.

Generally, on the Facebook platform, the users used to fill different information about themselves, which can be very helpful for the advertisers to know the audience’s interests in their field and can target the audience with ease depending upon their interests. There are different types of Facebook ads like Autoplay video ads, Facebook premium video, display ads, etc. can be beneficial for marketers to reach the targeted audience with ease.

Apart from these features, the Facebook power editor feature is also beneficial for the ad creators and content creators on Facebook. Facebook advertising does not only rely on different ad formats, but it depends on the marketing strategy and its implementation. So, it is best to hire an efficient and experienced Facebook advertising professionals who can provide you the best Facebook advertising strategy with Facebook management and video optimization services to reach the audience. They also offer you the best services in Facebook analytics.

How to Choose a Facebook Marketing Consultant For Your Business

Facebook’s Millions of user base makes it an excellent social media platform to reach a vast audience. If you are a person or a brand looking to buy or sell products, it’s easy for each target audience. Live Video and native videos are some of the powerful tools to connect with your audience on the Facebook Platform.

Hiring a consultant who knows the dos and doesn’t of Facebook Advertising and Marketing could drastically increase your reach and engagement. Hire a professional Facebook Marketing Consultant and give your business the best possible chance it can have. And as web marketing forms the most significant chunk of any marketing model of today’s market, all you are doing is essentially the same.

Facebook Marketing Services Offered by Me :
  • Facebook Page Building
  • Facebook Page Engagement and Reach Consulting
  • Facebook Page Analysis and Audit
  • Facebook Advertising using Lead Ads (and all other kinds of ads)
  • Facebook Instant Articles Implementation and Monetization
  • Facebook Native Video Marketing and Advertising
  • Facebook Live Video Implementation
  • Facebook pages & groups consulting
  • Facebook custom page design & consulting
  • Facebook advertising consulting
  • Hourly Consulting


As a Facebook ads consultant, I render deployable advice towards driving successful campaigns, creating noteworthy leads, bringing optimal conversions, popularising your brand, generating the required traffic, offering the know-how of remarketing and essential analytical parameters.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion is the actual come by that you want. Facebook consulting services with a vantage point would assess the existing campaigns and its conversion rates to build a strategy or optimize the current campaign trends to fetch profitable conversions.

Brand Awareness

One of the main goals of a Facebook business consultant is to talk through ways to stick your product or service onto people’s mind. For this, we can think on the lines of attaining higher “Brand recall” or “Ad recall” rates. We can thrust on factors like “Attention Goals” and “Relative Attention”.

Traffic Generation

The prime focus of any Facebook ads service is to stress on the traffic factor of your ads that gives ample chance for leads and conversions. Consultation on traffic can be split into probing vital aspects such as audience details, retargeting, ad management, creativity etc.


Remarketing is the lifeline of your business strategy. So let me suggest tested and proved ways to get conversions using Facebook’s custom audiences and site visitor remarketing tactics.

Tracking And Analytics

We can work on having a rewarding ad performance and save time with a clear and comprehensive analysis. Expert Facebook advertising services usually opt to analyze your ads after it has run for a period of time. This will go a long way towards helping you increase your ROI.

App Engagement

Increasing actions in your mobile app can be efficacious with Facebook App Engagement Ads. Tweaking the app appropriately will make leads to come and take actions such as shopping, playing or booking travel.

Testing And Optimization

My Facebook ad management services expertise strongly recommends optimizing your ads as a crucial step to mobilize leads. Let me share my expertise on points such as Facebook’s analytics reports, ad frequency, Facebook Split Testing, localization, text in Ads etc., to set in an optimal performance of your ads.


Facebook ads report, on some important metrics like performance, engagement, videos, website conversions, apps, events, clicks, and settings is crucial. Being a Facebook advertising expert, my in-depth look into these factors for reporting will help you optimize your ad performances.

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