Web Based Training

Web Based Training Apps Development Company Malaysia

Our employee training software development solution is powerful web enabled application that enables organizations to create and post training sessions online. Solution administrators can upload content, discourses, video clippings, graphics etc to make a training module. Only authorized employees can access the training modules posted by the administrator.

Multimedia Training

Multimedia can be used to develop interactive presentations which can be used to introduce, train and guide users on various ideas, concepts, applications and products. Virtual tours and walk through developed using various multimedia elements enable users to easily understand and the functioning of products, applications. Multimedia tutorials can serve as ready references guides for users, which can be accessed by them as and when they require.

Our Multimedia tutorials are ideal for organizations that require introducing and instructing their employees on new ideas and concepts. Such solution is also ideal for product demonstrations as animations and graphics enable real-time simulations.


eSource Technology’s employee assessment tools enable organizations to identify and judge their employees’ skill and levels of conceptual understanding. The assessment module is dynamic and database driven thereby enabling administrators to develop multiple-choice based tests. The administrator can enter multiple answer options for each question.

eSource Technology also develops simulation test that are developed using Macromedia Flash and can be customized to suit individual requirements. In our simulation based tests employees require to execute tasks rather than just answer questions. Such tests simulate real time situations and events thereby enabling organizations to assess the real world skills of their employees. Organizations are able to obtain a more accurate assessment of their employee’s skill through the simulation based tests

Extensive report generation functionalities have been built into the solutions enabling organizations view and generate comprehensive performance and evaluation reports which can be used for analytical purposes.

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