Best open source software of 2019

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Best open source software of 2019:

Equip your Windows, Mac or Linux device with a full suite of open source software.

1. Office software: LibreOffice
There’s no need to pay for Office with this open source alternative.

2. Photo editor: GIMP
Our favorite open source photo editor, packed with powerful tools

3. Media player: VLC Media Player
An open source media player than can handle virtually any file format.

4. Video editor: Shotcut
Great for new users, and an excellent substitute for Windows Movie Maker

5. Audio editor: Audacity
The perfect open source tool for recording and editing podcasts and music

6. Web browser: Mozilla Firefox
An powerful, fully customizable browser with a plugin for every purpose

7. Email client: Mozilla Thunderbird
A free client that’s an ideal replacement for the defunct Windows Live Mail

8. Password manager: KeePass Password Safe
Generate strong passwords for accounts and store them in a secure vault

9. FTP Software: FileZilla
If you run your own website, the chances are you’ll need FTP software to upload files directly to your server. While there are some good existing FTP clients out there, FileZilla is probably the best free version you can use.

10. Operating System: Linux
It used to be the case that Linux was solely the preserve of geeks and code junkies – it made little attempt to appeal to a wide user base. Those days are long since over, and varieties of Linux have made a big effort to be a lot more user-friendly for people with little if anything coding knowledge, and present a serious rival to Windows and Apple Mac iOS as alternatives for running your desktop.

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