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Web Software and tools:

We have developers highly experienced in the following operating systems, languages,databases and Script.

Platforms/Operating systems: Windows, Unix and Linux

Languages: Microsoft - VB.NET,ASP,ASP.NET, C# Other - PHP, Perl, HTML, VB SCRIPT, JAVA SCRIPT

Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Access.

2D Animation Software: AutoDesk Animator Studio, AutoDesk Animator Pro, GIF animator. Macromedia Flash, Toon Boon studioImage.

Editing Software: Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Image Ready, Fractal Design Painter, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator. Character

Animation Software: Fractal Design Poser.

Morphing Software: Elastic Reality

Movie Editing Software: Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final cut pro.

3D Animation Software: Extreme 3D & 3D Studio Max, Maya Special Effects: Combustion, After effects, Shake.

Authoring Software: Knowledge of Macromedia Director and Authorware. Miscellaneous Software: KPT Bryce, Vistapro.

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