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With increasing demands, enterprises worldwide are finding it difficult to implement, and support new applications, while at the same time, maintaining and upgrading their existing systems. To overcome the situation, companies must seek to expand development capacity, accelerate time-to-market, and build flexible distributed delivery models to negotiate risk.
eSource Technology provide custom software devlopment to fulfill these requirement from our development centre in malaysia. We will help you to remain in step with your competition by continuously improving your information technology-based business solutions. We help you develop software applications and assist you through out the entire software development Life cycle. If your business is in the market for software development, Desktop and Web based application, our many years of experience will work for you!.
Esource Technology is an ideal choice for software developemt. We can provide complete "turn-key" solutions specific to your business neds, or use our expertise at the level where it's needed. We can fit in with your overall software development plans. Whether your needs are to Supplement current developemnt or to have eSource Technology develop an entire software application, it would be pleasure to help you with new or ongoing projects, including analysia, database design, coding, testing and implementation. It's all possible the level of help, is up to you. Our clients are kept updated on the progress throughout the project lifecycle and can manage changesto the requirements. This enables process transparency and increased management bandwidth.
We have perfected an impressive technique of delivering fast, effective, reliable solutions -- on time, in budget.
Engagement Models:
> Fixed Cost Projects
> Time & Material based
> Staff Augmentation.

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