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Internet Marketing Services.

Online Internet Marketing (SEM Search Engine Marketing) Solutions, are derived after we under go an in-depth analysis to know your business, your objectives, your goals. The result would be a customized strategy to get you the best possible results from the Internet. If you're looking for a way to use the Internet effectively but don't know where to turn, partner with a eSource Technology.

Internet Marketing Approach:
Former Analysis

> Identifying target segments
> Competitive analysis

Driving Targeted Traffic to the Website

> Listing campaign with major search engines and indexes.
> Submittal to specialized resource indexes.
> Link Popularity building.
> Managing PPC Campaign.
> Paid Advertising Campaigns.

Design Interface analysis

> Presentation designed to appeal to target segments.
> User testing.
> Design to differentiate from competitors.
> Enhance site for repeat visits.

Sales and Marketing

> Qualifying strategies.
> Closing strategies.
> Email communications management.
> Internal and external advertising.
> Hard copy integration.
> Long range marketing strategies.

Customer Support

> Integrate with established promotion and customer support.
> Provide cost saving customer support systems

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